Thursday, May 14, 2009

print making

hey guys! here are some of the beginning stages of my first ever print! I am in an INTAGLIO print making class. This type of print making is produced by ETCHing an image into a metal plate and then printing it using a large "rolling pin type machiene". It is a lot more complicated then that but that is for me to know and you to ask How did she do that?? :) I am still in the first stages... the first pic is of the image i etched into the actual plate. the second image is the first print i made! the third image is of the print making equipment, cool huh? I am currently working on enhancing the print by adding shadows and tints through a process called AQUA TINT. I love this class and am looking forward to producing some really neat stuff. For more information about the Intaglio print making process please visit: INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING

Daily Horoscope

Check this out, this was my horoscope for today... PERFECT! I live by the sun and moon and stars not society!

May 14, 2009

Gemini (5/21-6/21)

Listen to yourself and follow your mood today -- ignore what other people are telling you to do, especially if they are telling you to hurry up. They're not being fair. Their idea of laziness is something you call relaxation. After all, life depends on perspective and their point of view is nothing like yours. Therefore, you don't have to pay them any mind. You will be happy once you disregard the naggers because following your own rules is liberating.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

so you think your an animal lover???

okay, i love animals. Like a lot. Back in Lawrence I frequent the local animal shelter and am the proud mommy of two kitties. I believe in equal treatment for animals all over the world BUT how far is too far? I treat my cats like my children and before my dog, Jordie passed away, he was spoiled rotten and considered an equal member of the family.... we used to say he was human inside... So, i understand this obsession with pets, but i have found Europe is WAY more into animal equality then we are in the US. For example, my first full day in Germany, a group of us walked into a really nice Italian resturant to have lunch and sitting in the middle of the dining room (next to its owner of course) was a HUGE dog. Now, a dog in a resturant?? that would never happen in the states! BUT in Europe it is completely normal. Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere humans are. In stores, resturants, on the bus, you name it and i have probably seen a dog there. People even let their dogs shit everywhere (and noone bothers to clean it up!). However, I do believe the dogs in Europe are more well behaved, well maybe not, shall I say they have been trained well. There are no leash laws in Germnay. Dogs run wild, well not really, but they follow their owners from a distance. If you try and hollar at a dog to come to you or pet it, it will walk right by you without a second glance! and continue loyally behind its owner. It is awesome. I am never afraid of getting bit by a dog wondering around, because they are not ever really wondering, they are following, like they are in a pack. It is crazy how well these dogs behave. American's should work more on training there dogs, I have not seen one yappy, little ankle bitting dog or big dog for that matter.

When we were in Amsterdam, there were cats everywhere. In all the shops and resturants. We had dinner one night at some turkish Kabob (gyro) place and when i went to pull out my seat to sit down at the table, I was startled to find a cat curled up, sleeping in the chair! At a resturant! CRAZY..