Thursday, May 14, 2009

print making

hey guys! here are some of the beginning stages of my first ever print! I am in an INTAGLIO print making class. This type of print making is produced by ETCHing an image into a metal plate and then printing it using a large "rolling pin type machiene". It is a lot more complicated then that but that is for me to know and you to ask How did she do that?? :) I am still in the first stages... the first pic is of the image i etched into the actual plate. the second image is the first print i made! the third image is of the print making equipment, cool huh? I am currently working on enhancing the print by adding shadows and tints through a process called AQUA TINT. I love this class and am looking forward to producing some really neat stuff. For more information about the Intaglio print making process please visit: INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING

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