Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Trip

5:50pm-got on a plane from Dallas.TX to Heathrow, London
-took a sleeping pill yet, slept like shit
- ate decent airplane food, chicken something with noodles and some kind of sauce? I didn't know the wine they kept offering was free, or else i would have been drunk.
-watched a few movies
-slept maybe 2 hours (8 hour flight)
7:18am- arrived in London
- ran to the train station with fellow design student Kim.
- became thankful that everyone spoke English and the train system was easy to figure out
- took the Piccadilly line to Hyde Park, (45min ride) expecting to see Big Ben
- no Big Ben but, we found a huge park and the QUEEN!
-acted touristy, took pictures on the lawn and watched British people try to learn how to rollerblade in the middle of the park (hours of entertainment!!!)
-rushed back to train
2:00pm- Found a Friend
-met up with Jarred, a fellow design kid and had Fish and Chips (london style!)
- rushed to get on a plane to Frankfurt
-slept the whole 2 hours on the plane
6:00pm-Arrived in Frankfurt
-made it through customs, although Jarred had some problems, they told him he needed a visa... maybe it was because he didn't have boobs? Me and Kim had no problem.
-i some how got seperated from the group. Waited around, no luck, got my luggage and kept looking, no luck, PANIC!!!! Got on a bus to catch the Baun (train), figured i would find the others there, i was sweating bullets by now, Frankfurt is HUGE and scary.
-see the others heading towards the bus, Lady luck was on my side! What a chance happening! reunited at last.
- Rush to the Baun to catch a train to Heidelburg, break an escalator on the way, all 3 Americans with all our luggage get on and it stops, there must have been atleast 50 people on this huge thing, they all turn around and stare at us...UGH! stupid Americans!
-I am dying of thirst, i try to get a bottle of water out of the vending machine...can't figure out how it works...loose 3 Euro. UGH! stupid Americans!
-We get on the train, it is packed. Nowhere to sit, we stand with all out luggage in the middle of the aisel and me, i find a spot in front of the water closet, i was tired and annoyed.
7:00pm arrive in HEIDELBURG
-we arrive in Heidelburg, we know no one, each have like 4 things of luggage, have no place to sleep, oh and did i mention it was raining and cold?
-get on a bus to get to the jugendherberge ( youth hostil). miss our stop ( i think?) bus stops, and all the lights go out...shit! we persuade the bus driver to take us to the hostil, he does! The ride was an hour of driving in circles.
-get to the hostile, check in, have our first German beer, try to sleep, CAN'T sleep! UGH!


Hallo! Welcome to my blog. Here you will be entering into the magical world commonly known as Europe, mostly Germany, but hopefully more countries as the time progresses! So sit back relax and enjoy my ride!