Thursday, May 7, 2009


april 29-may 3, 2009

What can I say about Holland, besides that it is the most open minded, free spirited country I have ever set foot in. I loved this country, the food, the people and most of all the liberation...

I was speaking to Marthe and Jelena, (my two good friends here in Trier, both ladies from Holland) , i would say the 3rd week I was in Germany, and they insisted I had to come check out Holland. Being down for pretty much any sort of travel, and considering all the cool things i had heard about Holland, like wooden shoes, gingerbread-looking houses and of course Amsterdam, I agreed. We discussed dates and the said I HAD to come the weekend of Queen's Day (the biggest party day in Holland.) For those of you interested, here are the "official details" regarding the celebration of Queen's Day: (thank you Wikipedia!):

>>>>>Queen's Day celebrates the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlandsand is supposed to be a day of national unity and "togetherness" (Dutch: saamhorigheid). The tradition started on 31 August 1885 on the birthday of Princess Wilhelmina, later Queen Wilhelmina. Since 1949, after the ascension of Queen Juliana, Queen's Day is Queen Juliana's birthday on 30 April. Although Queen Beatrix's birthday is on 31 January, she officially celebrates her birthday on 30 April. Queen's Day is known for its "freemarket" (Dutch: vrijmarkt) all over the country, where everybody is allowed to sell things in the streets. Other activities during Queen's Day are children's games, individual musical performances, and music concerts. The night before Queen's Day is celebrated too in some cities, and this is called Queen's Night (Dutch: Koninginnenacht). The largest celebration of Queen's Day is in Amsterdam, Queen's Night in The Hague and Queen's Dance (Dutch: Koninginnedans) in Rotterdam. During the celebrations as reference to the colours of the House of Orange-Nassau, people dress in the colour orange, which is sometimes called "orange craze" (Dutch: oranjegekte).<<<<<<<<>

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, I am entering this contest to design a new logo for the European Union's branch for Organic Farming. First place: 6,000 Euros...yea baby. I have been doing alot of research and i just wanted a few opinions from those of you currently in the states...

What are some current "go green" trends yo have seen advertised or come across?? (there are no wrong/stupid answers! so go for it!)

Thanks! this will help me develop a world view on consumer goods and trends in going green and the organic farming market! very important! xoxo


hey guys! sorry i haven't blogged in a bit. I got home from Holland on Sunday night around 11 and was so wiped out I couldn't even consider thinking. The past couple days i have been ill, swine flu maybe?? wink wink. No, really, just a minor flu. I promise i will post the stuff from Holland by the beginning of next week. I have a bunch of school stuff to get done this week so i will have to put it off for a minute. Until then check this out... My boyfriend, as most of you know, just moved out to Cali to pursue a glass blowing career. He seems to be doing really well. Today i was talking to a good friend of mine via SKYPE (if you don't have it GET IT, it is FREE and AWESOME!) and she said she came across the Shinobi glass blog, which he is apprenticing/ working for. The pic is kinda small, and there are others in it but i just thought it was cool! so here it is. (he is the one working on the far right at the center table!)