Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately, about this definition of home and how i feel. Man, over my 23 years of life i have been to 6 countires and who knows how many states in the US. I have traveled to many places I would like to call home someday...or would I? I could live in Berlin, but would it really be home without my friends and family.... hmmmm. Maybe this is why my mother longs to return to Colorado. I always have this feeling in my heart that i will soemday be back in California, i mean for god sakes, why not? i grew up there, it formed my way of thinking, i compare everywhere i go to it....maybe you lok back at what is the most familiar....maybe that is home...the familiar? On my travels out here in Europe, I find myself gettting home sick for Trier after a week away... why is this? because it is familiar? it is not my home though...or is it?

Monday, April 27, 2009


here is a list of things i have grown to dislike about Germany:

-scrunchies...girls still wear um'...YUCK, so 1980's
-There is no peanut butter or cheetos. why the hell not? we got McDonalds?
-Techno hour...the radio station that i listen to plays techno after 8pm....:(
-jeans with 1000 pockets, they are all the rage here is guess? but the look really silly
-tourists...though i am one technically, there are like millions, EVERYWHERE. always in my way!
-smoking while you are pregnant....seen two women do it. Don't they read the box that says pregnant women should absolutely NOT smoke cigarettes??
- dogs poop all over the side walk, and no one ever considers picking up after them...
-naked people, you are allowed to be naked in public when you want and where you want.
-speedos and "banana hammocks", ewwwwww

hehe, just thought you might what to know
that's about it...but the rest of Germany is Wunderbar (wonderful!!!!!)

You know your American when...

i will set the scene,

Friday night, at a BBQ, about 30 people of all countries around. The Americans, Dutch and Finnish in the corner. We decided to quit being loners and join the circle around the fire pit. I sat down next to some random guy. He looks over at me and in his heavy German accent says "your from America, right?". I paused and was like why yes, i am, how did you know. He replied, "your sneakers, they are Nike, not Adidas...i chuckled and noticed everyone around was wearing Adidas sneakers EXCEPT for the 3 Americans that were there.......weird.